About Panacea Services

Panacea have provided solutions, consultancy and support on the BMC IT Service Management product set since 1997 and have implemented some of the largest BMC sites globally. We have consultants with a range of experience allowing us to provide a blended approach when resourcing your project. We want to work with you, not just for you.

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What do we mean by Reimagine Remedy?  Panacea have built a framework to provision and build web, mobile and tablet applications and pages against Remedy, or any other enterprise platform.  The applications can be tailored, configured and specified to give you the functionality you need.  Rather than a generic solution, we can quickly solve specific business case studies and give you control over the features you release to the business.   From a basic approval or incident application right through to a complex task based, multiple entry solution, we can provide an interface into Remedy that will delight your users.

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Present your Remedy data rapidly and flexibly within your SharePoint environment or leverage SharePoint’s content management strengths in Remedy Knowledge Management. Talk to us if :

  • You want to delight your users with integrations that don’t compromise your corporate branding

  • You want to prevent data silo’s, taking knowledge mastered in SharePoint and allowing your agents in Remedy to access this as part of a single knowledge search.

  • You want a platform based solution that allows users with little to no SharePoint UI or Remedy development experience to create integrations.

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Workflow Studio

Develop, Debug and Deploy with the Panacea Workflow Studio. The tool is a unique and proven migration, analysis and maintenance tool for the BMC Remedy platform, at the heart of Remedy service improvement strategies for 15 years.  The product minimises downtime, audits changes and validates the success of your deployments. By using The Workflow Studio you will save your organisation time and money automating common but complex tasks.

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BMC Remedy <> Salesforce : Innovation through our integrations

Salesforce are providing best of breed CRM and Service Cloud solutions within the market. We have built an interface between Salesforce’s application layers (Chatter, Service Cloud & Wave Analytics) and the BMC Remedy platform.

Wave Analytics from Salesforce is a powerful reporting tool, allowing your business users to create reports and use reports across the cloud, on a mobile or even on an Apple Watch. By utilising the Wave Analytics webservice we have provided a mechanism to extract BMC Remedy data out of ITSM and into a Wave dataset, so it can be mined and used for analytics.

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Personal Accountability Solution from PanaceaRisk

This is an automated solution that guides you through Individual Accountability Regime step by step – helping you deliver a comprehensive compliance assessment, and keep it up to date. Individuals can see their all their responsibilities in a single, accessible location.

  • Complete allocation of responsibilities across the firm – gaps and changes can be easily identified

  • Manages the process of assigning responsibilities, fit and proper tests, follow-on actions such as training

  • Enables raising and reporting of breaches

  • Singe point of record to demonstrate effective compliance to regulators

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